A Fresh Approach to Leasing

LaSalle Lease Programs are ideal for IT equipment, materials handling, even production equipment. Lease Programs enable you to acquire critical equipment within limited capital budgets.

LaSalle Lease Programs enable you to order equipment when desired, cut capital expenses and stay current with technology - simplifying the financing process, easing the burden of tax ramifications and enables optimized upgrade planning.

Programs Provide:


  • Set up the program once, then identify the equipment when you need it.
  • Search, view, manage, plan, set up notifications and report on your asset(s), maintenance and lease information and documentation as you need whether at your desk, in the data center, or anywhere with our cloud-based application,¬†LAMP.
  • Spread costs over the useful life of the equipment, matching the cost of the equipment with its benefit.


  • Terms are structured for your organization's needs - length of time of the line of credit, lease periods, payments (monthly, quarterly, etc.), upgrade or technology "refresh" provisions and purchase, re-lease and return options are available.

Risk Mitigation

  • No long-term commitment to equipment that could become obsolete.
  • The lessor assumes the risk of ownership and the disposition of the equipment, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.
  • You stay up-to-date in fast-changing environments and protect against obsolescence.

Preservation of Capital

  • Companies preserve capital and pay for equipment over its useful life.
  • A properly executed leasing program provides the lowest total cost of use.
  • The lease payments are often lower than a loan, require no down payment, and can improve cash flow forecasting because there are a fixed number of payments.
  • Because an operating lease is not considered a liability and does not appear as debt on the balance sheet, borrowing capacity is preserved and leverage is reduced.

Our team is available every step of the way from planning and ordering to daily management, end-of-term and beyond. LaSalle can help with the audit process, and with  LaSalle Lease Programs there are no overlapping rentals in our lease programs and very few, if any, charges levied for returned equipment.

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