Revenue Freedom and Peace of Mind: Healthcare

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


"...LaSalle Solutions serves several hospitals and medical practices across the United States. We provide our customers with life-cycle asset management for equipment of all types including IT, radiology, laboratory and other medical  equipment, providing them with the revenue cycle freedoms to engage in new techniques and programs, and peace of mind knowing that their assets are managed properly..."

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LaSalle Brings Financial Freedom and Peace of Mind to Professional Service Organizations

Monday, May 23, 2016

In an increasingly complex and competitive business marketplace, one of the top challenges that professional services organizations face is keeping up with continuous technological changes. LaSalle Solutions helps organizations evolve to stay up-to-date with new technology and meet customer expectations.

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Improved Maintenance Contract Management Mitigates Risk of Downtime, Saves $500,000

An online financial services company wanted to safeguard their network of more than 5,000 devices against disruptions. LaSalle helped ensure minimal to no infrastructure latency or downtime and saved the Customer 20% on their Cisco spend.

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Enhanced Infrastructure Management Process Eliminates Discrepancies, Lowers Costs

A medical products company was having trouble managing their IT infrastructure made up of about 7,000 devices across nearly 400 locations. LaSalle provided a new asset and maintenance contract management process and helped reduce maintenance plan costs by 60% or more in some locations.

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Improved Maintenance Contract Management Ensures Equipment Coverage, Reduces Complexity

A healthcare organization needed a better way to manage their assets and maintenance contracts. LaSalle helped reduce contract complexity and provided full visibility into the Customer's assets and maintenance contracts.

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Lease Program Improves Processes and Budgetary Planning, Ensures Optimal ROI

By implementing the tools and processes provided by LaSalle, a Customer can now ensure optimal return on investment (ROI) through a reduction in long-term rentals that go beyond the lease term as well as decreased maintenance costs for old and outdated equipment.

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Improved Lease Schedule Management Minimizes Interim Rent, Improves Efficiency

One of the world's largest publishers of digital information and manufacturing was having issues with lease schedule management for their leased technology equipment. LaSalle Solutions helped implement a new lease program to reduce interim rent, improve lease contract visibility and simplify the Customer's order management processes.

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LaSalle Solutions Drives Services With Cisco RCC for Partners

LaSalle Solutions is always looking for opportunities to provide customers with  better information so they can plan better and achieve more.

 With Cisco, LaSalle can now help customers better understand their Maintenance Risk through LAMP and the Cisco Renewal Competency Center (RCC). RCC data lets them see  service coverage gaps and benchmark operational risk against industry peers.

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What People Are Saying About LaSalle

From our end everything ran smoothly and seamlessly, which is a typical reflection of your work and attention to detail.

- Operations Manager, Technology Services Company