Company History

Founded in 1980, LaSalle is focused on customer service and provides a wide range of financial and equipment solutions designed to assist our customers in managing their technology equipment needs.

In August 2002, we were acquired by MB Financial Bank, N. A. This allowed LaSalle to have a national presence and finance multi-million dollar transactions.

February 2007 LaSalle adopts a new name, LaSalle Solutions, to reflect our growth and expansion of services. 

In 2010 LaSalle Solutions celebrated 30 years of service excellence. 

Historically our focus has been in operating lease (off balance sheet) financing. 

Today, LaSalle offers an array of life-cycle management services including lease financing, asset and maintenance contracts management and professional services.  Through LAMP, our cloud-based customer portal, customers can access and manage their assets, contracts and leases from their office computer or mobile devices - enabling them to work where and how they need.

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers and continue to develop and provide the most effective and simple to use business processes, services and tools for them to ensure they receive high returns for their investment.

People, Process & Technology
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What People Are Saying About LaSalle

"Outstanding as usual!"

- Network Engineer, Financial Services Company