Case Studies & White Papers

LaSalle Solutions Drives Services Revenue with Cisco RCC for Partners

LaSalle Solutions is always looking for opportunities to provide customers with better information so they can plan better and achieve more.

With Cisco, LaSalle can now help customers better understand their Maintenance Risk through LAMP and the Cisco Renewal Competency Center (RCC). RCC data lets them see service coverage gaps and benchmark operational risk against industry peersWatch the video

How LaSalle used Violin Memory to Change the Way Applications are Developed and Changed the speed of LAMP

LaSalle wanted faster web application performance and installed a Violin Memory array. The increased performance changed the rules and eliminated the database as a performance factor, enabling reallocation of resources and enalbing new methods to present data to users with dramatically improved response times. Read more

LaSalle Spotlight: Asset Financing, Optimizing Your Business Spend

In order to optimize the spend on equipment, the organization needs to understand the targeted use and useful life of the equipment, and the amount of time  the equipment is used before upgrades are necessary or the item becomes completely obsolete. Read more

Delivering Complete Care = Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service + LAMP

"Eliminate entitlement issues and contract renewal hassles, dramatically improve the RMA process, manage credits, and simplify contracts.  LAMP with Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service will change how organizations manage their complete asset life-cycle: acquisition, upgrades, moves and disposition."  Read more

LaSalle Helps Customer Streamline Asset Management, Reducing Contracts by 33%

"...With the time we save by streamlining asset management, I can now put more effort into planning and enhancing the network for our end users. Ultimately, that translates into greater productivity and operational efficiency for our company...." Read more

LaSalle Identifies over $2,500,000 in Savings for Customers

"...With less than 45 days notice, with LAMP at our fingertips,
LaSalle's team was able to help our customers save money.  In fact, one of our customers saved over $200,000 on a renewal that was to happen only a month later...."  Read more

Differentiating Service with Cisco Cloud Tools

"The Cisco UCS C-Series roadmap is moving in the same direction as LaSalle, toward virtualization and cloud computing."

"...LAMP customers regard the service as mission-critical. Some of these customers have thousands or tens of thousands of network devices around the world, and knowing their current location, configuration, and financing status is essential to keeping the business running and costs down..." Read more

Financial Freedom: Capital Equipment Leasing

Working with capital equipment is increasingly complex with continuous technology improvements, escalating maintenance costs and regulatory issues. LaSalle Solutions knows keeping equipment fresh and in optimal working condition is important. Cash flow utilization and life-cycle management are keys to success and growing businesses.Read more

Revenue Freedom and Peace of Mind: Healthcare

"...LaSalle Solutions serves several hospitals and medical practices across the United States. We provide our customers with life-cycle asset management for equipment of all types including IT, radiology, laboratory and other medical  equipment, providing them with the revenue cycle freedoms to engage in new techniques and programs, and peace of mind knowing that their assets are managed properly..."Read more

LaSalle Spotlight: Time and Your Investment

Risk, downtime and the time value of money should all be considered when developing and evaluating systems to manage your assets and contract information. Read more

What People Are Saying About LaSalle

"I just wanted to thank you for being so wonderful to work with. It truly gives me peace of mind knowing you are always there for me (and [the Company]). You are always supportive and ALWAYS provide excellent customer service."

- Sr. Technician, Major Retailer